Some time has gone by since my last life update where we left off in the middle of an unfortunate dilemma, at the head of a crossroads with an offer on the table not yet accepted...
For those of you with little time to read (or reread) that last post, I will give you a quick recap: I was accepted at Oxford to do a part-time diploma in Creative Writing, but was unable to accept the offer right away. This was mainly because of our dilemma with money, or should I say, lack thereof.
I am happy to report that the dilemma has (more or less) been overcome in a stroke of brilliance on my husband's part, and fervent prayer from us both. (As I hope I have established, my husband is a genius, which is an important part of this tale).
No too long ago (just before my acceptance deadline) Mark received a significant scholarship that will help fund his fourth year of study (his current funding runs for only three years) and make it more feasible for me to at least start my course. As well, a few developments in my working life have made it possible for me to potentially make up the amount we would need each month to pay for the course. This is still in process but our main concern (being able to cover Mark's fourth year of research) has been significantly relieved by the scholarship.
So, to recap, and to officially make things official - unless something goes horribly wrong - as of 29th September 2016 I will be a student at Oxford University.

I'm still sorting out how I feel about the whole thing. Excited? Absolutely. Nervous? Most definitely. Afraid? Undeniably.
My latest fear? That I'm attracted to the idea of this course and once I'm in the thick of it, I'll crash and burn, unable to keep pace. It's a constant mental game but I'm up for the challenge - overall I'm looking forward to being in an environment where I am challenged to learn and grow, and potentially uncover new strengths. 

As with all life stories, this one is to be continued...

Much love, 


  1. I knew it, Carley!! So happy for you!!
    I too have been accepted for a masters and am feeling just as scared and excited as you. Yay for the both of us.

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! And congratulations!!! What an exciting achievement! Praying that you'll have all the strength you need to step into this new season!