Greetings! Happy March! (Dear February, where did you go?!)
My gorgeous friend Mieke recently posted about the contents of her handbag and, because I've always found posts of this variety quite interesting (the contents of a woman's handbag can be fairly mysterious) I've decided to follow suit and open up my handbag for all to see!

Firstly - the handbag itself. 
I'm not terribly attached to it, to be honest. My previous handbag was stolen several months ago and I needed a quick/affordable/practical replacement and this one fit the bill at the time. I still have my eye on a fancy satchel from somewhere like Zatchels or the Cambridge Satchel Co... or perhaps the new (and STUNNING) Soho backpack by Radley (#dreaming)... In the meantime, this mid-sized handbag that can double as a cross-body does the trick. Don't underestimate its small stature - this bag packs a punch and can fit a deceiving amount in its depths. 


Let's start from the top, shall we? 

The weather in this country is famously fickle. I have sensitive eyes, so I rarely go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses. 

Book / e-book
It's a sad day when I leave the house without a book. One never knows when the opportunity could arise for some quick reading, and woe be the day I'm stuck without some kind of reading material (my iPhone doesn't count). I've just finished 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert (although I feel like I should just pick it up and start again - it was that good!).

Wallet / Purse
For my North American readers, in England, purse = wallet / handbag = purse / wallet = a man's purse. Make sense? 
This one is obvious - it's where all my money is kept (ha ha just kidding, it's usually filled with loyalty cards and useless receipts!) 
This particular purse is from TopShop, and, much like my handbag, was a quick fix to replace my purse that had been stolen. Finding the perfect purse takes time - they are after all a very personal thing. I'm sure the right one will cross my path sometime soon. Until then, this one will do fine. 

This holds the same principle as a book - I feel like I'm missing a limb if I don't have a notebook with me at all times. I recently filled up my last notebook and splurged on a classic Moleskine to collect all my thoughts. So many shiny new pages to fill! 

I don't use these super often, but I kept forgetting them when I really needed them, so got in the habit of keeping them handy in my handbag. These are sound-canceling and I will sometimes use them at work when I'm on a roll and don't want to be disturbed. Bliss.

As someone who cycles to and from work (and everywhere in between), carrying around deodorant is necessary. I'm paranoid about smelling bad so my Green People Natural Deodorant in rosemary comes with me everywhere I go.

I don't know why I included this on the list - it's usually in my hand or my coat pocket. Let's be honest here. It can never be far from reach. 

Vaseline lip therapy 
I'm not a huge lipstick wearer but I do like to keep my lips feeling moisturised, especially in the cold weather. I needed a quick fix while traveling one weekend and I've stuck with Vaseline lip therapy ever since.

Lush Vanillary Solid Perfume 
This goes hand-in-hand with my deodorant. I don't ever want to be caught smelling bad! This is a great little pot to have on hand - it's easy to reapply and smells divine! (And as a bonus, it's quite moisturising). 

My notebook is rendered completely useless if I don't have a pen, so a pen is an absolute necessity. I'm quite a picky pen user and normally only use a Pilot G-2 07; however my granddad has made us grand-kids beautifully handcrafted wooden pens for Christmas the past couple of years and I recently replaced the ink cartridge in one of them with a Schmidt Easy Flow 900 M. Best. Writing. Experience. Ever. I have never used a ballpoint pen that writes so smoothly! Definitely recommended. (Okay, pen nerd-out officially over). 


These are the basics that I have in my handbag at all times (along with candy bar wrappers, old receipts, and random change that sits at the bottom...) - the things that make life much simpler and much  more enjoyable. So - what's in your handbag?

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