Operation Simplification

Early in the new year I wrote about my 'resolution' words for 2016. One of those words was 'simplicity' and I knew the first place I wanted to apply the concept was in my wardrobe. It was such a freeing experience going through my closet and clearing out the things I no longer wear but have been holding onto for one reason or another. 

This is what I did:

1. Cleared the closet
I took EVERYTHING out of my closet and sorted through it all at once. I took an honest look at each piece and edited out the clothes I just don't wear or that don't fit well. And then edited again. And again. I was brutal, but it felt so good! 

2. Displayed what was left
I 'displayed' the pieces that made the cut on a clothes rail, using all matching hangers. Every morning when I get dressed, I choose from the clothes hanging here. The process has become much quicker since doing this as the clothes I'm choosing from are all ones I really love to wear and fit me well. I'm also more inclined to hang my clothes up at the end of the day instead of leaving them in a heap on the floor (usually).

3. Took note of the gaps
I am being much more intentional with what I buy these days by making purchases that compliment my wardrobe and style as a whole. This keeps things simple when it comes to putting outfits together. There are always exceptions, but so far I've been sticking to my rule. No impulse buying!

Here's an overview of what I choose from when I get dressed each morning:

1 x black jeans
1 x faux leather skirt 
1 x black midi skirt
1 x everyday dress
1 x party dress 
3 x white button-up shirts (one short, one long, one sheer)
1 x printed button-up blouse
1 x denim button-up shirt
1 x plaid tunic-dress
1 x spotted blouse
2 x striped jersey tops (one turtle neck)
1 x camel blazer 
1 x black jumper

And that's basically how I've edited my (winter) wardrobe so far! I'm so amazed at how few pieces I really need. Getting dressed in the morning no longer includes agonizing over all the choices and then declaring I have nothing to wear! 
There are definitely a few basics on my 'to buy' list that I'll be adding in the next month or so (mainly denim and trousers) and I have a few pieces hiding in the closet that I may slowly reintroduce at some point (or perhaps not - we'll see!).

I've also found I have less of a desire to shop these days. I would rather spend a bit more on one very intentional purchase once every month or two, than go out every weekend looking for cheap finds.
I know things will change in a few months as my sundresses come out, but I'll do another edit when if Spring ever decides to arrive.

Operation Simplification


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