Sometimes radio silence on the blog is inevitable with a busy schedule! So for that, I apologise. That past few weeks I have been working a bit more than usual (yay for the bank, not-so-yay for my free time), and then we had a friend come visit for a week which meant lots of adventure and exploration (things that are always welcome!). 

We visited all of our favourite places, cycled to a stunning palace at sundown, attended a breathtaking choral evensong, played an open mic, drove through the Cotswolds, and more! It was full on but full of amazing experiences. 

On the day we drove through the Cotswolds, we visited a distillery for a tour and tasting. The distillery has only been around for about two years, but the tour was really interesting and enjoyable! The distillery has released a variety of spirits from gin to a cream liquer, and even an espresso martini. Eventually they will release a whiskey, as well. 

There's so much preparation involved in the making of whiskey, and then a whole lot of waiting as it must age for at least three years in big barrels (casks) before it can be considered whiskey. Careful planning is required for every step and every flavour nuance. There's math and chemistry involved that goes far beyond my understanding. And then begins the waiting. 

The Cotswold Distillery opened two years ago but won't be expecting their first batch of whiskey until closer to 2017, and even then, some whiskey will be left to age for up to ten years!

Learning about the process of making whiskey really got me thinking how similar life can be. I see an end result, a dream, but unless I put in the preparation and work, I can't really expect to see that dream fulfilled. And oftentimes, the end result doesn't manifest itself until much further down the line than I initially expected. There's often a period of waiting for the good stuff.  

A friend of mine shared something similar at church this past weekend, relating this idea to a harvest. A crop is decided (the dream), seeds are planted (the work), and only after a period of waiting can the harvest be reaped (the dream fulfilled). 

This has led me to ask myself: what am I preparing for now that will benefit my future? This answer doesn't even have to be overly specific. For example, not all the steps I've taken in life have been intentional, but the experiences I have had have culminated into a unique set of life skills, which now, further down the line, affect the way I view and interact with the world. What experiences am I seeking out now? Which relationships am I investing in? What opportunities are coming my way and how will those affect my life in the future, should I choose to pursue them? 

I suppose these questions come because, as often happens in life, I find myself at a crossroads. The one path offers comfort, ease, familiarity. The other path will require some deft navigation, sturdy walking shoes, and a fair amount of determination - but the views will be spectacular, and who knows, there may be some whiskey waiting for me at the end of the road. 
*photos edited with A Color Story


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