resolve [ri-zolv] noun; firmness of purpose or intent; determination
The first week of 2016 is almost behind us (hard to believe, I know!). Last year I didn't really set any resolutions. In January I remember deciding that I wanted to focus on reading more, so I started documenting the books I completed. I ended up reading over thirty books in 2015, so I suppose I was successful in my unofficial resolution, although I didn't really set a number, I just wanted to focus on reading 'more.' 

This time round, though, I spent a bit more time thinking about the year ahead and what I hope it will look like for me. I love the idea of summarizing the year with specific words, so that's what I did.

Here are my words for 2016:

simplify [sim-pluh-fahy] verb; to make less complex or complicated
This resolution began with feelings of discontent with my wardrobe. You know the story: all the clothes, nothing to wear. I found myself craving classic, quality pieces that I just haven't been investing in. I wouldn't call myself an impulse buyer but a super tight budget paired with absolutely no wardrobe planning equates a poorly thought out closet with little-to-no cohesion. From a style perspective, my tastes have been changing, as well (I like to think that my taste is getting more and more refined, but who knows), which has led to a desire for change. Simplicity.
I am finding this desire for simplicity spill over into other areas of my life, as well. From our home (why do we have so much stuff?!) to my schedule, I'm craving simplicity so I can set myself up for better focus and better enjoyment of the things that are important.
One of the first steps I'm taking in this simplifying process is clearing out my wardrobe and parting with the clothing I just don't wear anymore. I've decided to sell my gently-worn, pre-loved clothes on Instagram (@shop.carley.lee). I'll be posting the lot next week, so be sure to follow along if you're in the UK and fancy finding something new.

persevere [per-suh-veer] verb; to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty; continue steadfastly
When I first moved to the UK just over a year ago, I really felt it was necessary to just sit back and allow things to happen. 'Don't push it,' I told myself. See where things go. That mindset crossed over into the whole of 2015, and it was a really great learning experience. I'm naturally a control-freak, so doing my best to step back and let go was a bit difficult, to say the least, but I learned the importance of perspective.
This year, 2016, I'm endeavoring to step up and step out. I'm ready to lean in and persist in the things that are most important, and I want to seek out experiences and opportunities that will push me to be the best version of myself.

be confident [kon-fi-duh nt] adjective; sure of oneself; bold
And of course, in order to persevere, in order to simplify, I will need to be confident in my decisions, my actions, and myself. The past twelve months I have struggled with my self-esteem, lack of confidence, self-doubt, identity... and I'm ready to take a step forward and away from those struggles. Easier said than done, but I fell that having identified and addressed those struggles I can now make a conscious effort to move forward with renewed strength and confidence.

I am really expectant for what 2016 has to bring, and I hope you are, too!

Much love,

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