Outfit - Vintage Skirt & Polka Dot Blouse

Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy
Maybe I'm Crazy

     Taking outfit photos is a necessary evil when it comes to fashion/lifestyle blogging, if you ask me. I do love the editing process, and I don't mind so much other people taking my picture, but I still struggle with taking my own outfit photos. I feel like such a dork standing there with my tripod and remote taking pictures of myself. Confidence issues I guess.
     The other day I read and shared an article on my Facebook page about bloggers' awkward photoshoot moments. I definitely identified with more than one of the stories shared, and it brought me back to a particularly awkward moment when I was taking outfit photos: the moment my purse got stolen. 
     Yep. Friends, while the above outfit photos were being taken, a thief was at large! There I was, snapping away with my tripod and remote, my bag, jacket, and camera case in plain sight, only a few arm-lengths away from where I was standing, and someone snatched my purse when I wasn't looking. Awkward. 
     What makes it slightly worse for me is that it had taken me some time to gather up the courage to take outfit photos in a more public environment (albeit, a quiet public environment). This is a relatively quiet square in a friendly neighbourhood just down from one of my favourite pubs, not far at all from where I live, so I though it would be a great place to start. Ha!
     Only a handful of people passed by me during this time and I was so preoccupied with not looking silly that I didn't even notice someone riding by on a bicycle and swiping my things! I can only imagine what was going through his head when he saw me there. When I walked over to change my camera lens a little while later, my heart plummeted as I realized my handbag was gone, with my wallet, phone, keys, journal and e-reader in it. Dang. 
      To make matters worse, when I filed the police report I had to explain that I was taking photos when the theft occurred. I did mention that I had my tripod... but conveniently left out that the subject of my photos was me. I was mortified and utterly embarrassed. 
     The thing is, though, I kind of feel like I can take outfit photos anywhere now. Well, almost anywhere. I'll certainly go back to this location... I'll just make sure to keep my purse a bit closer to hand next time. 

     Cheers, friends!
This is a bit of a tongue-and-cheek version of the story now that I've had time to process it - you can read more about how I was feeling on the actual day HERE

 What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: H&M
Belt: vintage
Skirt: vintage (altered from dress)
Flats: Ardene 

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