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Weekly Times
      One of the things I miss most about being in school is school supply shopping. That annual trip to collect the essentials, pick out matching binders and notebooks, and peruse the aisles for completely unnecessary bits and bobs was one of the best parts of the school year (if you ask me). There was something magical about starting fresh with a binder full of crisp lined paper, unmarked dividers, and a freshly sharpened pencil. 
     Even now I am still drawn to beautifully designed notebooks, beautiful greeting cards and fun labels, and my search still continues for the elusive perfect pen. 
     Yes, I do love stationary. However, every year I find myself in the same dilemma: finding the perfect planner. I admire people who can keep their schedules neatly recorded in their smartphones and keep on top of everything. I must physically write it all down and be able to look at everything that's happening during any given week. Thus, the search begins at the start of every year (ahem, the academic start to every year) for a planner where I can pen all my plans and keep organized. This year was no different. My calendar came to an end mid-September and I struck out in search of a new one. And search I did. At first I didn't have any specific idea of what I wanted, but as I visited stationary shop after stationary shop, my idea of the perfect planner got narrower and narrower. I just couldn't find anything I liked! Finally I gave up on the brick-and-mortar shops at my disposal. To the Internet I went. 
     I typed into Google 'academic planner UK' and perused my options. As fate would have it, Fox and Star came up on my search - a site filled with beautiful notebooks, planners, journals and labels that any stationary-lover would appreciate. I first had my eye on a stunning Rifle Paper Co. diary, but alas, it was not budget friendly. But then I found The Weekly Times and all my planner-dreams came true! Before I could blink it was in my shopping cart and on its way.
     I can't tell you how excited I was when it arrived. It took all my willpower not to tear open the packaging and start scribbling away all my plans that had been hastily written down on scraps of paper for lack of a proper place to put them.
     As you can see, I held back long enough to snap a few pictures of the lovely hand-written note from the folks at Fox and Star before the plastic came off and the planning began! 

     Have a beautiful day, friends! May your plans be plenty and your week be organized!


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